Gedragskode / Code of Conduct

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Gedragskode / Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (PDF - 13KB)



This Code of Conduct has been accepted by the Namibia Sports Commission, and must serve as guidelines for all those elected to represent Namibia in any National representative team and recipients of Namibia National Colours approved by the Sports Commission. It further includes all involved with the team i.e. management members and participants and it will promote and ensure uniformity, group unity, discipline and a friendly disposition amongst them all. An appeal is made to all those involved to observe this Code of Conduct at all times. If anyone should infringe this Code of Conduct, disciplinary steps may be taken against him or her by the relevant code. The Namibia Sports Commission also reserves the right to take action in this regard and as provided for in the Sports Act: No 12 of 2003. This may well include a ban and or where future participation, by the team and or the offenders may be refused.

All persons involved in whatever way with the Namibia Sports Commission as member Sports Code, an umbrella body affiliated to the Sports Commission or a member of any of these organisations are subject to this Code of Conduct. This includes office-bearers and participants in any of these member organisations or elected members to any teams by them. In the interest of Namibia, sport in general and representative sports teams, it is vital that our conduct is always above reproach. The following therefore applies:


1.1 Be neatly attired in lounges and dining rooms.
1.2 No sportswear except track suits to be worn by selected teams on aircraft.
1.3 Public bars must be avoided. Drinks must be enjoyed in the lounge.
  • Your language and conduct must be such that team members and the public are not embarrassed.
  • Remember you represent your country, sport and your sport code and should act as ambassadors.
1.4 Other guests/fellow passengers must be taken into account. Rowdy behaviour at all times and particularly on an aircraft will not be tolerated.
1.5 Other people's property must be respected. Damage to property and the removal of property is not allowed.
1.6 Alcohol intake in general must be limited, but more specifically in public places and on board an aircraft.
1.7 Behaviour towards other guests/ passengers/ staff must at all times be courteous. Congregating in access areas such as aircraft aisles must be avoided.
1.8 Formalities at airports must be observed promptly and in good spirit.


2.1 Be neatly attired in the clothing selected by your team management at all times.
2.2 Avoid the excessive use of alcohol.
2.3 Pay attention to table manners. At reception, for example, allow the ladies to first help themselves and observe protocol at all functions and other events.
2.4 Glasses (empty or full) may not be removed as souvenirs or for other purposes or use or broken.
2.5 When leaving a reception or function, do so without a glass or cigarette in hand.
2.6 Give speakers an opportunity to finish what they are saying. Do not interrupt while others are talking.
2.7 Your language must not be an embarrassment to the public/ your team members.


3.1 The authority of directives form Management, Selector, Coach, Captain, Vice-Captain and Referee, Line Official shall be accepted at all times.
3.2 Punctuality is essential.
3.3 Be positive, diligent and purposeful, committed and dutiful to practise and match preparation.
3.4 All team members must attend official meetings, team discussions and functions. You may visit family and friends after a function, but they will not be allowed to participate in the function without permission from the management.
3.5 Remember you are an ambassador of your country, sport and your code.


4.1 All those involved must conduct themselves in such a way on and off the field that they are not an embarrassment to their team members or to Namibia.
4.2 National participants are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that they are an example to the youth and worthy ambassadors of the country.
4.3 The decisions of the Captain, referee and Line Official must be accepted and respected in the spirit of sportsmanship.
4.4 Be loyal to fellow participants and help to build a healthy team spirit.
4.5 Be positive towards your objectives, play and participation strategies and exercise programme.
4.6 Always talk to each other, never about each other.
4.7 Wherever relevant, be clean-shaven unless you are growing a beard.
4.8 Negative comments about Namibia during social conversations are not acceptable.

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