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National Horseshoe Pitching Association - players from America

Visiting Horseshoe Pitchers from America

Learning how to play

Giving it a go!

Horseshoe Pitchers visit Namibia

Gary Roberts and Floyd Eugene Hix, Jr have already played jukskei on three previous occasions in South Africa.

Horseshoe Pitching had its origins in the game of Quoits, a modification of the old Grecian game of discus throwing. Horseshoe Pitching and Jukskei are similar in that they both involve throwing an object at a stake in the ground across a certain distance.

A special court was constructed at the Jukskei fields especially for the event. On Saturday both groups got down to business. The Namibians and Americans each demonstrated their sport and then games were played. New skills and friendships were forged and, despite being interrupted by some rain, the day was enjoyed by all.

The Americans also enjoyed a visit to the jukskei clubs at the coast. Namibia has greatly enjoyed their stay and looks forward to seeing them again soon!

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